We can send you a reminder to read your meter either by text message (SMS) or email. SMS is the easiest option. All you have to do is stand in front of the electricity meter with your mobile phone in your hand, enter the meter reading in the SMS reply field and send it back to us.

You can choose how you want us to send you reminders at My Page.

Why do I have to read the meter manually?

Until you have had a new meter installed, you must read the meter manually to ensure your bill is as accurate as possible. We use meter readings received in the period 25th to 1st of each month as the basis for our bills. Without a meter reading, we do not know how much electricity you have used. The bill for that month will therefore be based on your previous consumption. This is shown on the bill as “estimated”.

Forgetting to read the meter for one month is not a problem, your consumption will simply be adjusted the next time you send us a meter reading. However, if you fail to read the meter over a longer period of time, it can have a major impact on the amount you pay. For this reason, we recommend that you read the meter every time you receive a reminder from us.

If you are unable to read the meter

If you are away from home or do not use any electricity for a period, it is still important that you send us meter readings. Read the meter when you leave and again when you return. If you disconnect the electricity supply to a holiday home, you can send in the same meter reading until you start using the property again. If we do not receive a meter reading, we will estimate your consumption.

Annual meter reading

Sometimes, we need meter readings outside the normal meter reading periods or on a specific date. For example, at the end of the year. In that case, we need the meter to be read on precisely 1 January. If you have read the meter before or after that date, we estimate a meter reading for the 1st.

In 2018, the meter must be read:
Reading period:Notafication date:
January25.12 - 01.0128.12
February25.01 - 01.0229.01
Mars25.02 - 01.0326.02
April25.03 - 01.0426.03
May25.04 - 01.0526.04
June25.05 - 01.0628.05
July25.06 - 01.0727.06
August25.07 - 01.0826.07
September25.08 - 01.0928.08
October25.09 - 01.1027.09
November25.10 - 01.1129.10
December25.11 - 01.1227.11
January 201925.12 - 01.0127.12