My Page

You can register a meter reading at any time using My Page. We can send you a reminder by email when the time comes to read the meter. The email will contain a link enabling you to go straight into My Page, where you enter your meter reading. You will receive email confirmation when the meter reading has been approved and registered.

If you do not have access to email, simply log in to My Page (Norwegian only).

There you will also find a complete overview of your consumption and can see how much your next electricity distribution charge will be. (Remember that you pay separately for the electricity you have used.)


We can send you a reminder via text message (SMS). All you have to do is enter the meter reading in the reply field and send it back to us. The SMS reminder will be sent from a 14-digit number starting with 08321. The last nine digits mean we can easily recognise your specific meter when you send us your reply. If you have several meters, you will receive an SMS for each one. The meter number is specified in the SMS, so make sure you enter the correct reading in your reply to each message.

The text messages will look like this:

Det er nå tid for å lese av målernr 123123 i skolegata 1 innen 1.januar. Svar på denne SMS med kun målerstand. MVH Skagerak Nett AS.

this means:

Just a reminder to read meter no. 123123 at Skolegata 1 by 1 January. Enter only the meter reading in reply to this SMS. Thanks in advance, Skagerak Nett AS.

Simply reply the numbers at your meeter eg. 345678. Click send.

You will see a message confirming that your meter reading has been registered and how much electricity you have used since the last time. If your meter reading is higher or lower than expected, you will be asked to check it once more. Reply with OK if the meter reading is correct or send a new reading if the previous one was incorrect.

You can choose how you wish to receive reminders to read the meter by logging in to My Page.